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10 Things You May Be Doing to Make Your Home Dirtier

While you are checking items off your house cleaning list, you may discover that you are making your home dirtier. Take a look at 10 common house cleaning mistakes you may be making.

1 – Using the Same Rag

Are you using the same rag on multiple items? While it can be convenient to use the same rag with the different cleaning solutions it can just move the grime from one area to another. Meaning everything you cleaned in the bathroom is now in the kitchen. Using a new rag that can easily be tossed in the laundry or paper towel on different surfaces will keep this from happening.

2 – Feather Duster

Despite the advertisements feather dusters don’t trap dust. They just aid in spreading it around the house.

3 – When was the last time you cleaned your vacuum?

It is important to clean the vacuum filter and the equipment, or it will not be able to pick-up as much dust and dirt as it should, due to decreased suction. Make a note to wipe down the vacuum attachments with a damp cloth or paper towel each time you empty the vacuum bag.

4 – Kitchen Tools

Some small kitchen utensils need to be hand washed to make sure you get everything from the nooks and crannies. When food is left in a zester, grater, or garlic press it can become moldy.

5 – Toilet Brush

We all do it out of habit. After cleaning the toilet, you place the brush right back in the holder.  Placing the brush in the holder too soon can allow the bacteria to breed and just continue to spread it around the next time you clean. Instead, after scrubbing allow the toilet brush to dry before returning it to the holder.

6 – Clean the Kitchen Sink

Sinks are known to grow germs and bacteria since this is a moist environment where food can get stuck. After you clean the dishes wipe down the sink with your favorite cleaner to help keep it clean and sparkling.

7 – Stop cleaning from the ground up.

People tend to start cleaning with the floor and work their way up. This allows for crumbs, and dust to fall to the floor after you cleaned the floor, having to mop or vacuum again. To solve this start from the top and work your way down.

8 – Watch where you spray cleaner.

Spraying cleaning solution directly onto the surface you want to clean can lead to a streaky and greasy surface. Try spraying the cleaning solution directly to a microfiber cloth or paper towel, then wipe down your surface.

9 – Washing Machine

Have you cleaned you best home cleaner? Skin cells, dust mites, and stains from clothes can get caught and linger in your washing machine after you clean your clothes. It is important to clean your washer to avoid your clothes from becoming stinky over time. Put your washer on the hottest setting and when the drum is nearly full of water, pour in a couple cups of vinegar without your laundry detergent. It is recommended to repeat they cycle 2 times. Wipe down the outside of your washer and dryer if needed.

10 – Cutting Board

The cuts in plastic and wood cutting boards can trap food particles that can transfer to other foods you prepare on the cutting board. Soak your cutting board in hydrogen peroxide or a bleach solution (2 tablespoons of bleach and 1 gallon water), rinse with water and dry completely.

Remember these are a few recommendations and we always advise you to refer to any manufacturers cleaning instructions. Have you been making house cleaning mistakes? Do you need help with cleaning your house? Give us a call today at 864.978.0272 or by using our online contact form.

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