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Sep 24,2018

Are You Ready For A Summer Cleanout?

Are You Ready For A Summer Cleanout?

Summer is over so what better time to cleanout and collect clothes for charity! Doing this is going to free up space and allow you to reorganize closets and drawers.

Here are 5 tips to get it all done quickly and efficiently:
Select a Charity that Picks Up

Doing this simple step can motive you to schedule a date and stick to it! Allow time to launder the clothes and sort them to help out! The best way to sort is by size, age, gender, and season.

Gear Up and Pile Up

Before you start tackling all the clothes make sure you have an appropriate amount of ways to contain it all! Make sure you have bags, boxes, and bins handy.

Set Rules

Before you get started set some rules for yourself. For example, donate anything that is in relatively good condition BUT does not fit, out of style or has not been worn recently! Making rules like this will help make sure you stick to donating the clothes you do not wear.

Be Ruthless

Instead of saving stuff for when you lose weight, move to the theory of rewarding yourself with new clothes at that weight. If something is not good enough to wear in public you probably shouldn’t keep it. Resist the unsolicited hand-me-downs. If you have a frugal friend that loves your hand-me-downs then of course give them. But make sure to not force this on anyone who is too polite to refuse.

Restore Your Keepers

When you are finished sorting through the clothes keep everything organized. When placing everything back in your closet think about organizing by color, garment type, season, frequency of wear, or even coordinated outfits!

Start the fall off strong!

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