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Apr 08,2019

Deep Cleaning Tips – Dirty Spots People See

Deep Cleaning Tips – Dirty Spots People See

Let’s be honest, whenever we walk into a home we notice areas that are dirty.  There are 7 spots that everyone else may notice is dirty before you do!  Fear no more because we will walk you through those areas so you will have the cleanest house on the block.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Start by looking up. Your light fixtures may be filled with dust and dead bugs without you ever noticing. This is an easy fix. Just take down the fixture, spray with a cleaning solution and wipe clean.

Glass and Mirrors

It’s easy to tell when mirrors and glass is dirty, but sometimes we become use to how they look and leave it like that.  Take a moment to clean the windows and glass.  If you do not have any cleaner at home you can apply straight vinegar to clean it smudge free.


While the actual toilet may be kept clean when was the last time you cleaned the outside of the toilet or the floor under it? Start with the top of the tank and work your way down using your favorite cleaner.

Handles on Appliances

We touch these so often we rarely remember to clean them. Cleaning the appliance handles can bring that extra level of cleanliness to your home.


Is you picture frames, computer printer, book shelfs and countless other places constantly collecting dust? Taking the minuet it takes to clean these areas brings brightness back into the home.

Ice Maker

One surprisingly area that can collect old food odor is the ice maker. Because of this it is a good idea to clean it out every other month. After taking the bin out and dumping the ice, clean the bin with vinegar or soap and water, then dry it.

Drawer Organizers

Lastly take a moment to clean out drawer organizers. It is so easy for crumbs and dirt to get into the corners. Use an easy vac or spray and wipe with a dry rag to get those hidden areas clean.

Following these steps will help ensure that you will have a spotless house! Limited time? Contact your Spartanburg home cleaning service to discuss our home cleaning service options. We offer weekly home cleaning, bi-weekly home cleaning or monthly home cleaning services.

Contact us today to schedule a time to have your home sparkling!

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