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Oct 06,2020

First Time Homeschoolers

First Time Homeschoolers

This is a challenging time for everyone with school. With some students still doing distance learning, here are five tips to make homeschool and learning from home more manageable.

Tip Number 1 – It doesn’t take the full 7 hours.

Because typical class sizes are close to 30 per class typical things inside the classroom take longer than they take at home. It is okay to modify your homeschool schedule. If your kids are interested in a specific topic you are covering, you can dive deeper and even plan family trips around them.

Tip Number 2 – Keep a schedule.

Structure reaps rewards for everyone. Having a set routine helps children know what to except out of their day. Make the schedule work for you. You can try and plan for schooling to be finished by the time your partner comes home from work for more quality family time.

Tip Number 3 – Be flexible.

Even though you want to keep a schedule it is okay to be flexible with it. Every teacher will be the first to tell you that every day does not always go as planned. It is okay if some lessons take longer than expected from time to time. That is okay!

Tip Number 4 – Create the space.

Having a clean set space for homeschooling helps create school at home. Typically, children are use to going to a set building to learn so transitioning to learning from home can be more challenging. It is important to keep the morning routine and have a set space for them to learn.

Tip Number 5 – Different types of learners.

Keep in mind every student is different and there are different types of learners. So, if one way of teaching isn’t working try another style. It could also be beneficial to identify what style of learner your kid is!

With you now wearing the teacher hat let someone else become the house cleaner. Contact Southern Shine Cleaning at (864) 978-0272 or online today to help keep your home school clean and tidy!

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