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Jul 23,2020

Move Out Cleaning Tips

Move Out Cleaning Tips

Moving out is a hassle in itself and adding move out cleaning on top of it is so much more. Here are some tips to make house cleaning easier when you are moving.

Clean After Packing

After you are finished packing everything up is when you should start cleaning. Being able to clean rooms that are already packed up makes it easier to spot dirty areas. It also is easier to do when large furniture items such as a couch or bedframe has already been moved to be able to access underneath them to clean without missing a spot.


There are different cleaning solutions that should be used on different surfaces during move out cleaning. Our Spartanburg house cleaning professionals at Southern Shine Cleaning know exactly when to use what solution to make sure you home is left spotless.

Every Room Counts

Even the rooms you may not have used as much need to be cleaned.  Be sure to clean and don’t overlook the shelves, baseboards, picture frames, blinds, light fixtures and vents can make the room a lot cleaner and brighter.

Slow It Down

Take it one room at a time. You can easily get overwhelmed seeing the entire house as a whole.  Take one room and finish it completely. Ensure that all floors are vacuumed and mopped. Most time will probably be spent in the bathrooms and kitchen. After you have finished one room complete, switch to the next room.

All Areas

Make sure you are going through all the areas from the glass windows on both the inside and the outside. These small steps will ensure the house is in pristine condition.

We know that packing and moving can be overwhelming which is why we are here to help. Email or call us today to schedule a move out cleaning without you having to lift a finger. Other than emailing or calling your Spartanburg house cleaning professionals.

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