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Jan 20,2020

Romantic Valentine’s Night in Your Clean Home

Romantic Valentine’s Night in Your Clean Home

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and its time to figure out what she wants this year. Chances are that she may not want a giant teddy bear but something more simple and thoughtful. What better way than a romantic Valentine’s night in your clean home! Here are some tips to bring the idea to reality.

First things first, nothing is less romantic than dirty dishes and clothes thrown around the house. Start with cleaning the house, we all know this is a daunting task to take on so do not stress and hire your Spartanburg home cleaning service, Southern Shine Cleaning and take the stress away.

Take time to prep. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, start planning forward. If you have children make plans with a babysitter or family member to take over watching the kids so you can focus on your significant other.

Are you having a hard time choosing the perfect flowers to express your love? Here’s a quick guide to what each flower says

Dark Red Roses: unconscious beauty

White Roses: purity, innocence

Pink Roses: grace, happiness

Yellow Roses: joy, friendship

Orange Roses: enthusiasm

Lavender: love at first sight

Coral: friendship, modesty

Once the house is sparkling clean start to gather the supplies, like favorite pillows and blankets, wine and glasses, some special treats, and entertainment like a favorite movie or show.

And finally, set the mood. When it comes to the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration the most important thing is to keep it something special for the two of you. If that means a cozy night in building blanket forts and watching a movie, or a night out enjoying your favorite restaurant.

Either way having the house clean is a nice way to make sure the night ends well and take the stress off your plate. Call or email us today!  Southern Shine Cleaning, your Spartanburg home cleaning service. We know all the spots to pay attention to and make sure your night will have nothing in the way from a happy ending on your Valentine’s Day!

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