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Dec 27,2019

Tips to Properly Take Down Your Christmas Tree

Tips to Properly Take Down Your Christmas Tree

Is this the first time storing your Christmas tree? Have no fear here are tips to properly take down your Christmas tree to make sure your tree will be perfect for next seasons use.

Remove Decorations

First remove decorations, removing everything from ornaments to ribbon and beyond. Leaving ornaments stuck in the tree will lead to them breaking. Make sure to double-check those deep back spots to ensure you didn’t miss any ornaments. We recommend using a plastic container to store the ornaments, wrapping the glass or fragile ones in tissue paper.

Disassemble the Christmas Tree

Disassembling the tree is next, if your tree is unlit it is important to remove the light strands and carefully store them separately. If your tree is lit make sure to carefully disconnect the plugs. Once your tree is disconnected you can move to the next step, which is disassembling. Start with the top pieces and place each piece on the ground. Once the tree is disassembled move onto folding the branches back in towards the center of the tree.

Storage Boxes

When you identify what box or storage unit will be used to keep the Christmas tree, carefully place all the branches into the box and add the base at the top.  It is recommended to store your tree in a durable storage bag; this is because cardboard boxes are more susceptible to pests, which can ruin your Christmas tree.

Once you have your tree removed email or call your Spartanburg home cleaning service, Southern Shine Cleaning to schedule a time to deep clean your home and get rid of any glitter or needles that fell from your tree.

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