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Jun 15,2020

Ways to Disinfect Children’s Toys

Ways to Disinfect Children’s Toys

We all know the struggle that comes along with making sure your child doesn’t put something in their mouth that they aren’t suppose to. Toys can become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which is why it is important to disinfect your children’s toys. This will also help to keep them healthy while playing.  Here are a few ways to disinfect children’s toys:

Washing Machine

For all your softer toys like blankets, fabric books and stuffed animals are perfect to throw in the washing machine and dryer. With some soap and water you will be able to clean up these favorites. If one has glitter and sparkles be careful and consider washing on a lower setting. If throwing any of these toys in the dyer doesn’t seem like a good idea to you try laying them out to dry.

Outdoor Toys

For all your outdoor toys it is important to wash them down as well. For larger items like bikes, tables, and play furniture you can simply wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe. Other items like balls, shovels, and smaller toys can be washed with warm water and soap.


Use what you already have. Using your dishwasher to sanitize small toys is a great idea. Being able to pop them into the dishwasher once a week on sanitize mode takes care of the hard part. Come back later and they will be ready to play with again. Before you do this make sure to check the toys label to see if it will melt or become damaged.

Infant Toys

Cleaning infant toys is a little different. Washing children’s toys once a week is typically enough. However, it is important to wash infant toys more frequently. The easiest way to do this is wash the toys by hand in soap and warm water after they go to sleep. This way they have a clean slate the next day.

Consider Tossing

Can’t clean them, don’t keep them. At some point toys hit a point of no return especially if you aren’t able to clean them properly. If this is your children’s toys, it is smart to toss and replace them. If it is displaying the looks of a well used “favorite” toy, there is no need to toss it.

These are just a few of our tips to help keep your children’s toys clean and a healthy household. If you need help with cleaning your kitchen or keeping up with your home reach out to us today to book your next appointment!

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