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Aug 18,2019

Back To School Cleaning Tips

Back To School Cleaning Tips

Now that the kids are back at school its only a matter of time before you realize how dirty your house got over the summer! Well, have no fear. Here are some helpful back to school cleaning tips to bring your house back to tip-top shape!


Floors in your home can take a beating and are easy to go without cleaning. Taking a moment to vacuum, sweep, or mop can make all the difference with the appearance of your home. The fresh smell you notice right from the start when walking in your home will be sure to be noticed by your guests.


With no clue how baseboards always get dirty. Start by dusting off the baseboards and removing scuffmarks.


Is there ever a time you don’t need to dust? We know dusting your home can be overwhelming. Start by taking one room at a time to feel a sense of accomplishment.


Stairs can always use some TLC. Take out the smaller vacuum attachments and get the corners of your stairs.


Walls are a great place for kids and pets to leave their mark. Take the time to scrub off any handprints with either wipes or old fashion soap and water.


No matter if the plants in your house are real or artificial their leaves can get dusty. Dusting off their leaves can make the plant look greener and your guests might not even know they are fake. 


Sometimes a quick wipe isn’t enough. Take the time to remove all the items on your counter space in your kitchen and bathroom.


When was the last time you really cleaned your table? I mean legs and underneath your table as well. This could be a big area for stain, dirt, and hair to hide away.

Lastly, we all want a clean house but we don’t always have the time for it. But that’s why we are here, your Spartanburg home cleaning service. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our cleaning professionals to have the clean house you love without having to lift a finger.

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