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Aug 02,2019

Moving? Tips to Making Packing Easier

Moving? Tips to Making Packing Easier

When you are ready to move the biggest hassle is starting to pack everything in your home. Here are 7 tips to make packing for your next move easier.

Moving Boxes

Using boxes that are designed for moving items not only ensure that the boxes can hold the weight of the items inside, but it can make loading up a truck easier than if there were boxes of various sizes.

Don’t Procrastinate

While this seems self-explanatory, it can difficult not to push off the dreaded packing. By packing a few boxes every day leading up to your move will help you will not be as rushed to do everything in one day. By pacing yourself the packing process will be more organized and not as overwhelming.

Don’t Box That

When moving valuables, it is important to personally transport any extremely important items such as heirlooms, legal documents, and important papers.

One Room at a Time

The easiest way to pack a house is by packing one room at a time. This allows you to make sure items from different rooms are not mixed.

Label Everything

By labeling boxes clearly for the room they belong in will help the unpacking process tremendously. You can even use different colored markers for each room which will help provide an extra level of clarity for movers.

Packing Paper

Using packing paper it can keep the items clean. Another tip would be wrapping smaller knick-knacks in bring colored tissue paper to ensure that you do not throw away by accident.

Beware of What You can’t Pack

Some household items cannot be shipped because they are considered hazardous.  Make sure you know what you can and cannot ship and stay out of trouble!

After everything is packed away reach out to our team to make sure you leave your home spotless and start your life in your new home with a clean slate. Reach out to us today with any questions on our services and learn about our Monday Move-Out Special.

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