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Oct 16,2018

Embrace Spookiness with Halloween Decorations

Embrace Spookiness with Halloween Decorations

Most everyone enjoys carved pumpkins on their porch to greet friends when they arrive. How about embracing spookiness with scary decorations? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Planning on Having a Halloween Party?

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Don’t limit the party to just inside! A patio seating area can be changed from fairytale to spooky in seconds. First, make sure to remove any color accents that make it feel homey. Second, also remove any light fixtures so it stays pretty dark with the exception of a candle. Lastly, add some dry ice in a bowl to the center of the table and sit back to soak in the full effect.

Creepy Fountain

If you have water features around your home consider adding something or someone emerging from the water. Green hands and a green head poking out of water is enough to make anyone take a second look.

Spooky Pumpkins

Try a pumpkin that is being riddled with holes. This can easily be created with drilling holes into pumpkins that can make your skin crawl looking for any spiders that may be lurking within.

Scary Painted Pumpkins

Looking for a different way to decorate your pumpkins? Try painting your pumpkins to give them a scary feel! Paint spiders or blood dripping down the pumpkins. Even bring in a more classic look using black and white paint.

Creepy Entry

Take a different approach to decorating your entryway. Ditch the typical orange pumpkins and use twigs and dried corn stalk to create a spooky atmosphere.

Use What You Already Have

Gardens are winding down and they have the perfect Halloween decorations. Use the natural products of decaying plants to bring a rustic and haunted look to your home.

Bring out the Black Foliage

Hybrids of dark plants can easily be found. Deep burgundy and black plants can bring out the fall hues! If you have any vines or dead debris push it off your list till after Halloween. Capture the natural creepy and spookiness of nature!


If you have a scarecrow in your garden give it a few touches such as a skeleton head or a cape and put it on display for trick-or-treaters.

Decorating Inside

Bring decorations inside and use silver, black, and purple to create a chic and spooky look.

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