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Nov 11,2019

Holiday House Cleaning Tips

Holiday House Cleaning Tips

There are many things to consider when preparing for holidays and the house cleaning that comes with them. Be sure to walk through your home with a visitor’s eye and check out this list of holiday house cleaning tips and things to remember before the holidays are here!


Walls are often overlooked when cleaning but can get dirty. Take a look around light fixtures on your walls and take a wipe to clean them too.


Dusting all surfaces of your home can really make your home look clean! Not dusting enough can also cause allergies for your family.

Deep Clean

You will be able to tell a difference by taking a moment to clean underneath furniture as well as behind big appliances! When cleaning in a hurry you often you forget to move couches and appliances. By allocating time to move the furniture will help ensure you are getting a deep clean that can really pay off.

Kitchen Appliances

Making the time to wipe down all kitchen appliances can bring that flawless look. Kitchen appliances easily get dirty from hands and being neglected. This task will take seconds to complete and leave you with a fresh-looking clean kitchen.


You want to see your guests when they are coming in so take the time to clean the windows and remove hand/nose prints!


Clean out the fridge! Make room for the new leftovers and throw out any expired food and wipe down the shelves and doors inside the refrigerator.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches go a long way. Add a few new holiday pillows and fragrant candles to create a welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to fluff the pillows on the couch. This makes the home more inviting!

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