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Feb 27,2019

Home Cleaning the Nooks and Crannies

Home Cleaning the Nooks and Crannies

No matter how on top of home cleaning you are, there will always be the areas of your house that need more attention to reach the level of cleanliness you desire!  Here are some of our home cleaning quick tricks to help you reach that level.


It is important to periodically clean inside the areas that you store things. This could be cabinets, drawers, bins, and other areas that may be neglected. It is a good practice to remove everything which will provide an opportunity to reorganize and maybe even throw out a few things. Another space that needs your attention is the oven. When you look inside do the oven racks need cleaned? How about your refrigerator? Trash can?


Make sure when cleaning that you grab a small step stool so you can clean above your eyesight. You may be surprised by how much needs to be cleaned! Dust has a tendency to accumulate on ceiling fans, crown moldings, light fixtures and kitchen cabinets.


Bringing a vacuum to areas such as behind your refrigerator, clothes dryer, TV stand, computers, beds and furniture that sits up against a wall.  This brings that extra sparkle and shine to a room!


Cleaning surfaces like shelves, mantels, window sills, books, picture frames and knick knacks are just as important. Luckily were going to give you a hint. When you use a microfiber duster it creates negative electric charge helping you capture more dust!

To achieve this level of clean in your home or office can take up time that you may not have. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have it. Get in touch with us today for home cleaning and let us clean the nooks and crannies. Also read more about how often should you hire a home cleaning service.

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